Tuesday, June 16, 2009

YouTube Blocked in Iran? Here's How to Circumvent an Internet Proxy

Reports continue to circulate that YouTube and other social networking sites have been blocked in Iran - preventing the protesters there from sharing the footage of police violence from the streets of Tehran. When a country blocks YouTube, however, saavy dissidents can sometimes find ways around the blockage. How? Check out this video from Howcast on 'How to Circumvent an Internet Proxy":

If you're in Iran and can't access the YouTube version, here's the clip on Howcast's site.

Some saavy Iranians must be using the method, because some footage does continue to find its way from the streets of Tehran to the rest of the world via YouTube. Yesterday we featured some of the highlights on our homepage. Here's a great example:


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, YouTube begins taking down videos containing images of Iranian protesters murdered by the police. The images may violate the Terms of Service, but they are obviously important, compelling, and need to be seen by the world. Shame on YT. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=youtubefail.

Anonymous said...

Yes, shame, shame on YouTube

John said...

Hey - they got it together eventually. YouTube has relaxed their rules because they understand how important it is to get these videos out (and what good press they get because of that).

denniscambly.com said...

Honestly I want to know what slogan everyone is chanting in these videos.

All YouTube needs to do is put a "this video contains...blah blah" and then they are off the hook if anyone complains.

Rhoda said...

The comment "Down with the dictator"

Anonymous said...

Canadian software to bypass blocking of internet


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