Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Round-Up

Many more videos posted of protests that happened in Tehran today. Here's a playlist:

This one appears to have been shot by someone standing at a window inside a building who is looking down at the street below, watching riot police harassing and beating man in the street:

This video captures a confrontation between a bunch of young Iranian protesters and a group of riot police standing-off against one another in an alleyway. Hard to detect what's going on here:

This one offers an interesting perspective on what the streets of Tehran are like right now with riot police seen on every block:


Anonymous said...

Great job man! I knwo how hard it must be to authenticate all the info coming but, fyi, the video of the protesters between the police and other protesters ('Hemayate javoonhaye') was also posted on June 27 already with description that it is from June 22. See

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