Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran's state-run TV on YouTube: spinning it the other way

Iran's PressTV Channel, a state-run broadcast, has been posting to YouTube at their steady pace of about 10 clips a week - but only recently addressed the protests in their country over the June 12th elections. In this weekly summary piece, "Reality Check", PressTV takes a look at the "biased Western coverage" on such networks as CNN, and repeatedly sites a poll done by an organization called Terror-free Tomorrow that predicted a 2:1 victory for Ahmadinejad before the election took place:

Is Iran's YouTube strategy working? The above episode of Reality Check was posted a day ago, and has 13 views at the time of this posting.


Anonymous said...

NO!!! It's not working, here, too obvious, but in Iran it might work. Calling the protesters terrorists or saying that they are in collusion with the west, has erie similarities to our propaganda . They're doing it in reverse, except for the "terrrisT" part.

loren Duca said...

Throughout history this has been the tactic of governments in response to the voices of the people via protests. But what other way do people have if the democratic process of the ballot is compromised or corrupted? It is hard to know lies from truth whatever the country -- if they stage events or not (e.g.911 and its aftermath, Iraq, Afghanistan, London and Madrid's terrorism) or if they rob elections (e.g. Bush Jr. v. Gore, the present election in Iran) . So those who demonstrate against the "official story" have long been labeled as domestic terrorists. They are killed, or disappear, or silenced. Please pray for the continued courage of those in the streets of Tehran who demand that truth prevails.

Anonymous said...

People like Kaveh Taghavi (host) are not any different than the mullahs themselves. One is filthier than the other.

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