Thursday, June 18, 2009

Attacks on Students at Tehran University

For the past few days, we've been seeing videos documenting the inside of Tehran University after it was the target of a Basij attack. Here's one video that shows some of the damage done:

And some new footage was uploaded today the captures police brutally attacking Tehran University students who were protesting.


Anonymous said...

We are watching.The world is watching! Don't give up. The world is behind you. All people want freedom. When you confront the police, say to them "Join US!" A stick in the spokes will stop a motorbike. Then, the policemn is on foot. If the crowd gathers, and carries him away, other police will be in fear. Don't hurt the captive, just take him away, hold him in safety. The other police will be afraid to be captured. The police will be more afraid than the protestors. Chant to the police "Join US!" When the protest keep on, more will abandon their weapons and join the protestors. When there are no pilie to confront you, you can demand a new election. the corupt leaders will have no one to hide behind

Anonymous said...

goes around comes around,you do and did to the people the past 30years,so it is the time to pay back.wish and pray that very soon they(mollor) hide themselves forever,they made army of the arab people agaist persian,persin Army join the movement so sooooon,right nowwwwwwwwww!!

Anonymous said...

I am not Iranian but what this country is going through right now mine went through and i was young and i went to the streets protesting We lost a lot of young people like you do I feel you am hurting with you I am standing by your side all the way. FREEDOM IS NOT AN ACCESORY FREEDOM IS YOUR RIGHT!

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