Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Man Shot By the Basij

This time the bullet is in the arm. It appears as though this video is taped off of another screen -- you can hear the people watching commenting on the video, but cannot hear the audio of the footage itself. No indication of when it was taken.


Anonymous said...

iran basiji, militia and government have become like demons killing helpless protesters w/o real arms to fight back & theyr killing them mercilessly lyk animals.
how brutal creatures they are without respect on human lives & to think that its their own people and their own brothers when all they wanted s to have re-election! simple as that!
but d ego & d evil pride of ayatollah is too quick to do decision w/o proper investigation. Allah is not happy at all!!!! killers dont go to paradise~

Anonymous said...

so this seems how the votes were stolen!
check this article from this link:

Anonymous said...

The conversation in this footage is in fact the people in video talking and not as it is presumed to be others watching the footage.
Female: You can tie it quite tightly
The Injured man: Dear Mohsen what do I do with this?
Mohsen (man sitting in front of the injured): It is nothing, it is nothing, this is a piece of a plastic wrapping, it just cuts a bit of it
The injured man: It seems my arm bone is fallen off
Mohsen: No mate, nothing wrong, dear, don't touch it, don't worry about it at all,...
Two other males comforting the injured
The Injured male: Give me a little bit of water
Mohsen talking to others in the background: Bring him a little bit of water and sugar, bring him a bit of water and sugar..
Female in the background: Have him hold his arm up, hold it up
Mohsen: Give me the hose, so I wash off the blood outside (implying outside the house)
Male: hey guys

The video terminated

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