Monday, June 22, 2009

Police and Protestors Clash in Tehran

Much of the footage that is being uploaded today deals with the interaction between the Basij and the protesters. This video depicts a young female protester being beaten in a Tehran street. Viewer discretion is advised.

This video chronicles the burning of what is rumored to be a police car. The car is wrapped in flames and giant plumes of black smoke rise up from it. The video also captures citizens documenting the scene with cameras:


Afshin said...

Nevertheless, these are our brothers and sister, our fathers and mothers. Why do you treat them in this manner?

Das sind doch unsere Brüder und Schwester, unsere Väter und Mütter. Warum behandelt ihr sie auf dieser Weise?

اینها که برادران و خواهران، پدر و مادران خودمان هستند. پس چرا با آنها اینطور ظلم می کنید؟

Inha keh baradaran va khaharan, pedaran va madarane ma hastand. Pas chera beh inha zolm mikonid?

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