Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blood on the Streets

This video shows a bloody scene on a sidewalk in Tehran. The injured person is no longer there, but the pavement is stained with bright red blood, and a young man - whose hands are also covered in blood - is on his hands and knees weeping.

Please use discretion before viewing this video as the images contained within may be disturbing.


Anonymous said...

iran basij, militia and government have become like demons killing helpless protesters w/o real arms to fight back & theyr killing them mercilessly lyk animals.
how brutal creatures they are without respect on human lives & to think that its their own people and their own brothers when all they wanted s to have re-election! simple as that!
but d ego & d evil pride of ayatollah is too quick to do decision w/o proper investigation. Allah is not happy at all!!!! killers dont go to paradise~

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