Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wounded Protester is Undeterred

Several news sites have already embedded this video as it illustrates the almost unimaginable determination that many of these Iranian protestors have to document what's happening on the streets in Iran and share it with the rest of the world. The creator of this video appears to be running down the street with his camera, capturing the aftermath of violent clashes between protestors and the police. You can see injured people, hear shots being fired in the background, and about 25 seconds into the video, the cameraman puts his own bloodied hand in front of the lens to reveal that he himself has been wounded.

The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan writes on his blog, The Daily Dish:

"They're shooting directly at civilians, but the civilians are undeterred. Have we ever been able to watch a revolution like this in real time? Has any mainstream media ever been able to broadcast scenes like this? Now that everyone is a broadcaster, revolutions will always be televised (or, broadcast anyway, since much of cable news is uninterested)"


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