Saturday, June 20, 2009

Violence Breaks Out in the Streets of Tehran

The situation on the ground in Tehran has turned very violent again today. Hundreds are reported to be injured, and at least several dozen have been killed.

These three videos have both been posted within the last hour. The first two are of a girl who has apparently been shot dead on the streets surrounded by throngs of protesters trying to help. We're already seeing many copies of various videos taken from this scene being uploaded and circulated on YouTube. The third looks to be footage captured by a cell phone camera of a man recently shot. Please use discretion before viewing these, as some of the images within are very disturbing and may be difficult to watch.


Yishay said...

The Girl's name was Neda.

Kaveh said...

آخوندای دروغ گو چرا بلند نمیشین علیه ظلم؟ این همه توی روضه‌هاتون میگین کاش در زمان امام حسین و کربلا بودین که کمکش میکردین، حالا این کربلای بزرگتر، چرا کمک نمیکنین به مظلوم؟ پس همه حرفاتون روی باد شکم بود، و در زمان امتحان همتون جا زدین. آخوندای بی‌ شرم آخر کارتون است، باید دست از این ملت پاک و زیبای آریأیی بردارین، برین یک کشور دیگه شیعه بازی در بیارین. ایران بیدار شده، خلسه ۳۰ ساله به پایان رسیده

Anonymous said...

Iranian people must fight for their freedom. Armginahid is the evil in iran. Don't allow your country will manage by a corrupt politician like armagnahid. kick his ash.

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