Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Protest Footage from Today - June 24?

Some sources indicate that the large scale protests have largely died down in Tehran, though others are reporting more clashes today. Mousavi has not been seen for days, and Ahmadinejad's government police forces have cracked down hard on any voices of dissent. We've seen fewer videos coming in to YouTube that appear to be from today.

However, this video is labeled Tehran, June 24. There is no way to verify that it is, indeed, from today - but it's the first video we've seen that seems plausible. There have been four copies of it uploaded in the last hour.


Anonymous said...

Let us hope that The Brave People of Iran do not tire of the brutal oppression and become mute. They are a beacon of light in world full of Dictators... and maybe the day of intelectual and social enlightenment of the masses is approaching. Let us hope that the fight continues and that this is the first of many against dictatorial regimes across the globe. It is the people that allow dictators to rule and it is the power of the people that can oust them. United we stand... divided we fall. One love... one world.

Unknown said...

we stand by the people to liberty

Anonymous said...

so this seems how the votes were stolen!
check this article from this link:

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