Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Videos from Today's Protests

The first videos of what appear to be scenes from today's protests in Tehran have just been uploaded to YouTube by user downwithiran.


Anonymous said...

We are watching.The world is watching! Don't give up. The world is behind you. All people want freedom. When you confront the police, say to them "Join US!" A stick in the spokes will stop a motorbike. Then, the policemn is on foot. If the crowd gathers, and carries him away, other police will be in fear. Don't hurt the captive, just take him away, hold him in safety. The other police will be afraid to be captured. The police will be more afraid than the protestors. Chant to the police "Join US!" When the protest keep on, more will abandon their weapons and join the protestors. When there are no pilie to confront you, you can demand a new election. the corupt leaders will have no one to hide behind

Anonymous said...

here is a new clip I got it through you tube. Please show this to the world

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