Thursday, June 25, 2009

After A Police Attack

We've seen very few new video reports coming in from Tehran in the last 12 hours, but this was just uploaded to YouTube and shows the aftermath of a police attack on a community in Tehran. We are working on getting a good translation.

Update (12:18 PM EST) From an Iranian colleague:

"The guy is saying that riot policemen who were wearing uniform have come and done all these damage to people's cars and houses on the previous night. They broke into the building and they even tried to enter the apartments which they were faced the occupants. This man apparently lives in one of the apartments (the one which it's door is open) himself. The policemen then find their way to the roof and break the air condition units and satellite dishes and through off some of them off the building. They then exited the building to break other cars and houses. The man says he saw another car parked by the street which was occupied by women and children who flee their car because the riot police was breaking it.

The man says they have done this randomly to some houses probably as a response to those who were protesting through shouting on the roofs, since last night a lot of people were shouting on the roofs. He also says that the policemen had an Arabic accent. It's widely believed in Iran that some of the riot police forces are from Lebanese Hezbollah group.

The man says he hasn't called the police, since he thinks when all this damage has been done by the police forces it doesn't make sense to call the police. He says if this situation continues, they'll have to be armed themselves."


Anonymous said...

so this seems how the votes were stolen!
check this article from this link:

Ed-M said...

Merely a police attack? This is a police RIOT, more like!!! X-(

Ed-M said...

Pretty damn soon, the police will be throwing citizens from apartment roofs, even skyscrapers, looting stores, shooting up motorista who are operating their vehicles, and generally creating wanton chaos and mayhem!!! And the corrupt "Ayatollah" (Shah, more like) Khameini will say this is the rule of law and the citizenry should be blamed and held responsible for resisting!!! This is what happens when a gov't finds it suitable to engage in a reign of terror -- and this is exaclty how it plays out!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why the people aren't armed already. I know the gov disarmed them before but their must be someway to get weapons to protect the people from an unjust out of contol government.

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