Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mask-Wearing Basij Drag Young Iranian Through the Streets

In this disturbing video, members of the Basij wearing full-body black uniforms and masks over their faces can be seen brutally beating a young man and dragging him through the streets.


Anonymous said...

this is from 1 year ago
please post from election protests only

Unknown said...

run the basij over with your cars

Fariborz Shamshiri said...

This specific group came from revolutionary guards to crackdown some gangs savagely in public to instill fear among people. It was during the time that public opinion about Ahmadinejad's government and Islamic regime at whole came to the point that was possibility of uprising against the establishment.

Because they didn't want to identified, they had ski masks. This group is responsible for execution of many people in public.

Of course this video is old but still can give your readers a sense that how they would treat people.

I write in

Anonymous said...

This is from during Ahmadinejad's 2007 clapdown on "bad hijab" and "drug dealers". In cities like Tehran woman with loose hair coverings, boots, tight clothes and young men with long hair or Western haircuts were beaten and arrested.

There are lots of videos on YouTube showing these arrests and beatings. But this video is not current.

Anonymous said...

Google and YouTube. please work on the interface.
a decent news feed should display and allow search on temporal and geopositional data.

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