Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mexican elections heat up on YouTube

[Posted by Ricardo Blanco of the YouTube Mexico team]

As Mexico prepares to hold its Congressional elections in a little less than a month, we are seeing different organizations engage with our Mexican users about the main issues relevant to their world. On July 5, 2009, 695 public office positions are being elected in Mexico; 345 municipalities, 16 delegations in Mexico City, 328 deputy positions and six governor positions.

Here are two examples of channels on YouTube, created by independent organizations, that share with the YouTube community the thoughts and concerns of the citizens in the weeks before they go to the polls:

First, the magazine "Expansion" and CNN -- which reports financial and business information for Mexico and Latin America -- have dedicated their channel during the elections as "Central Electoral" (Electoral Central) at YouTube.com/CNNExpansion. They've created a place where candidates for office can take questions submitted by citizens at YouTube.com/votaciones2009. Much like the CNN/YouTube Debates in the United States, questions are submitted by video and asked of candidates at CNN Expansion's TV Studio; the questions from the public are made using YouTube cabins placed in 9 states in specific public places. Here's an example:

Second, an independent publication of the Mexican Magazine "Letras Libres" is also using YouTube to gather community opinions and promote dialogue between citizens during the elections. The YouTube Channel Lupa México monitors and analyzes the proposals of congressional candidates. Dedicated to transparency and objectivity. Lupa Ciudadana was established in 2006 as an area for monitoring electoral campaigns, the acts of the Federal government and the Federal District, and the initiatives and agreements made in the Legislature, to encourage public participation and promote civic responsibility and accountability. Here's an example:

These are only a few of the ways YouTube is helping the citizens of Mexico to have their voices heard in a highly visible forum and with the potential to speak directly with their future elected leaders. You can learn more about the upcoming Mexican elections at our Google Elections Mexico Hub.


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