Wednesday, July 1, 2009

President Obama taking your YouTube questions at 1:15 p.m. ET today

Watch a livestream of the President's online healthcare townhall today at 1:15 p.m. ET on He'll be answering questions submitted by YouTubers; some of which are currently being featured on the homepage of


Spitfire Jeannine said...

Health care is a finite resource. Therefore, expanding coverage and giving more of a limited resource to all who seek it, will lead to RATIONING....Rationing means the Government will play God as to who gets what and when. Most Americans don't know what that means.

Well...In the Netherlands, health care is FREE. But when you turn 65, if you are using dialysis for ANY reason, (e.g., diabetes, or kidney failure for hypertension) that's too bad b/c you NO LONGER GET IT! Poof!! Dialysis ENDS for those who reach the age of 65, and if you are on it, then YOU END TOO! (Gee, think of the savings! Good thing it's free).

Most Americans don't even know this yet. If you want free care for all, fine. It's a point of view worth discussing. But at least spread the word about what it really means...and prepare to make some tough choices. Freedom and responsibility have to matter more, or they will be removed from our lives, and that's very frightening. It's one thing to argue about the costs of this. But to ignore the "other" realities, (like the Netherlands health care system) like euthanasia for those who are not even terminally ill, or death being listed as a "treatment option" for babies born with defects, is something that needs much MUCH MORE serious discussion. We need to face it or we are fooling ourselves at our peril.

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