Tuesday, July 14, 2009

InvisiblePeople.tv: Giving voice to America's homeless through video

Fourteen years ago, Mark Horvath found himself homeless and living on Hollywood Boulevard. Today, Horvath is off the streets but hasn't forgotten what it felt like to be homeless. That's why he recently launched InvisiblePeople.tv -- a video project that empowers those without a home to share their stories on camera.

This summer, Horvath is turning up the volume with Road Trip U.S.A. -- he's traveling across America to document the real, unedited stories of people living on the streets, in tent communes, and in cars. Already, he has over 41 videos uploaded to the InvisiblePeople YouTube channel, including this one, which features James, a member of one of Seattle's tent cities:

During the road trip, InvisiblePeople.tv hopes to stop in about 20 cities (tentative itinerary here). If you have a suggestion of a shelter or tent city they should visit along the way, you can email Horvath at roadtrip(at)invisiblepeople(dot)tv.


Andy C said...

Thanks for telling this story. Unless we listen to the invisible people, we will never understand the root causes of homelessness. Join the #whyhomeless movement - tweet your homeless stories - @canayjun

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