Friday, July 10, 2009

New RNC YouTube ad hits Obama on the stimulus

The latest YouTube video coming out of the RNC, entitled "Nothing", hits President Obama on the stimulus package. Using clips of Vice President Biden claiming that, "all of us got it wrong", juxtaposed against a repetitive loop of the President claiming, "there's nothing we would have done differently", the ad is a classic of the "gotcha genre" on YouTube and has already racked up thousands of views in a few short hours.


Anonymous said...

They took Joe Biden's comments out of context. He wasn't referring to the stimulus. This is defamation. I hate the god damn RNC!

Anonymous said...

Millions of people have become unemployed since Obama took office, and more unemployment is coming if his policies on energy and health care are written into law. The film drives home the point that Obama is a empty suit con man. He does not know what he is doing and Millions of Americans will suffer because of his arrogant ignorance.

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