Monday, June 22, 2009

Riot Police Line the Streets

Uploaded today, this video shows just how many riot police have been deployed onto the streets to prevent protests from breaking out:


Khalid said...

usa is starting violences on enemy of usa. usa is grabbing our food around the world. usa is saying im supporting protests. and protestors burning irans buildings. usa sending money for protestors. the usa is enemy of islam. when iran made islamic revolution usa gave weapons to iraq and usa attacked iran. usa destroyed iraq and afghanistan for oil. 9/11 made by usa governmenet. the protestors killed by cia snipers maybe. basijis never shot on womans. islam disallows attacking to womans with weapons. some protestors has pistols and they are killing themselves from behind to make propaganda.

in iran we used our votes. our family members voted for ahmedinejad. ahmadinejad won the elections. he worked too hard. he win the elections again because he is hard working man and clever teacher. %35 protestors cant remove support of %65 of muslim brothers. protestors wants to trip on streets with their darlings hand by hand. thats their freedom knowledge. but in iran everybody can trip hand by hand with their lovers after simple marriage. there was soviets. sovets was moving against imperialism. usa bullied soviets for 60 years. but soviets was the best country. everyone was equal but usa was saying soviets attacking its people. that was lies of enemies.

same scenarion applying on iran. iran never falls. we are the most believers of islam and we will go on our way. islamic republic provides best freedom. usa sounds freedom but in usa if you dont have money you cant eat food. but in iran if you dont have money you can eat foods freely from army or republics kitchen. in islamic republic if you dont have work republic sends you somewhere to work. in usa you must wait for work for months.

in pakistan mosharraf is a real dictator. usa supports him. mosharraf never joined elections. but usa is supporting him very much. ahmedinejad win elections but usa dont support ahmedinejad because he is upgrading irans technology and life standarts. ahmedinejad is too poor. pakistan president is too rich. ahmadinejad was poor and mosharraf was too poor but musharraf is rich now. mosharraf has 5 billion usa dollars. ahmadinejad has only 3kg gold nearby 100 000 usa dollars. he saved his presidency money for 4 years and he saved money when he was working on university.

reality never become hidden.

in iran i'm working for islamic army. i studied in turkey and i studied modcow. i moved to usa. i worked as teacher in usa universities for 5 years.

in protesting events police is anouncng this protest is illegal but they never listen anounces. after anounce everybody accepts that what will hit him/her.

iran is a big country. if whole %30 moves there is %70 on the country to say im here. this protests never get success.

innocent people stays at home. but usa bombs people who stay at home.
innocent people was singing in hiroshima but usa bombed them with a nuke 38kt. innocent people was lying on sands of palestine but israel killed them with tanks. innocent people was living on diamonds but england and usa invaded their country. this is black africa.
innocent people was wanting whole german speaking peoples country must join germany. england, france, usa and soviets invaded germany. innocent koreans was wanting socialism but usa divided them. innocent vietnam people was burning usa bombs. usa is too far from our country. we say that usa go and live in your country dont come there. but usa says you are terrorist.

Anonymous said...

No government, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or secular that kills its own citizens has any moral legitimacy whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Khomeini is defi. burning in hell for this..look at what he created...he took the country back 300 yrs..tortured murdered inocent people...Now its that khamenei...LETS ALL UNITE AND BRING DOWN THIS CORRUPT NATION FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL and LETS FREE THE IRANIAN PEOPLE FROM THIS HORRIBLE PRISON THEY HAVE BEEN IN FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS!!!

Footstep said...

Dear citizentube,

Though I think your effort is a very, very noble one, it is of some concern that the "places to go" section on your YouTube page is so prominently represented by US government links. This could perhaps send out the worng message and indeed be counter-productive. The site is a very prominent one, and the concern is that by being so closely attached to US govt. materials and links, it could give the regime in Iran some much-craved propaganda.

Victor said...

Khalid - only one flaw in your logic my friend - The money is not coming from the US anymore, it is coming from China now. The US doesn't have money for this type of stuff anymore and hasn't for the last twenty years. The Chinese government is the man behind the scenes for the last 25 years. With a dissolved USSR and a bankrupt US, China is the one who is controlling what goes on in the Middle East now.

China is Islam's real problem but the Chinese Government doesn't want you to see that, they want you to blame the US and they spend lots of money to make sure that the Islamic world does.

I hope the people in Iran get the government that they deserve and they want. I have never met a more honest, and hard working people as the Iranians. Allah be with Iran today and always and guide Iran to his will which is peace.

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