Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blurry Video with Alarming Audio

This video, probably taken on a cell phone, is basically a sea of colors and moving shapes - but the audio makes clear that there's chaos in the streets. You can hear men yelling with a sense of fear and urgency, as gun shots ring out in the background. Towards the end, it's possible to make out the body of someone who has been wounded.

It was just uploaded within the hour with no indication of when or where it was shot.

UPDATE (1:07 AM ET): An Iranian colleague has informed me that starting at around 00:20, you can tell from the audio that a few Iranian demonstrators are beating someone whom they believe is a member of Basij, but he keeps saying that he's pro-Mousavi (and they do not trust him).


Anonymous said...

based on the title and sounds in the background, this is a video of a basiji that was captured by the protesters. Some are beating him while others are trying to stop the beating. The captured man keeps yelling " I am a Mousavi [ supporter ] " at the end a man says - even if he is not a Mousavi supporter, let him go....

misscheryl said...

Anyone who disappears for extended periods of time puts themselves at risk of being seen as an infiltator. They know the risks. Stick together. The World is watching. BE CAREFUL.

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