Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Footage from Protests in Tehran; Major Global Cities

Violent protests continue to wage in Iran after last week's bitterly contested presidential election. Even though YouTube is experiencing a small fraction of the traffic levels it normally receives from Iran (around 10 percent), we continue to see lots of videos being uploaded to the site -- videos that document clashes between protesters and state police, and give a visceral depiction of the overall chaotic and dangerous conditions on the streets.

Here's a collection of videos from the ground that have been posted in the last 24 hours or so. Please use your discretion before viewing these videos, as some of them contain disturbing images.

Though the heart of the conflict lies in Iran's capital city of Tehran, Iranians living around the world are speaking out in places like Washington D.C., London, Paris, Dubai, Vienna, Montreal, New York City... the list goes on.

We've collected a sampling of videos in this playlist, which show Iranians around the globe proudly waving their national flag and demanding that their votes count.


Anonymous said...

iran basij, militia and government have become like demons killing helpless protesters w/o real arms to fight back & theyr killing them mercilessly lyk animals.
how brutal creatures they are without respect on human lives & to think that its their own people and their own brothers when all they wanted s to have re-election! simple as that!
but d ego & d evil pride of ayatollah is too quick to do decision w/o proper investigation. Allah is not happy at all!!!! killers dont go to paradise~

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