Friday, June 5, 2009

Senator of the Week: Grab Your Seat at the Health Care Table

Currently, the Senate is writing major health care legislation that has the potential to affect millions of Americans who currently lack coverage, as well as businesses and families who are getting hit with rising costs.

That's why YouTube Senator of the Week Chris Dodd (D-CT) wants to hear your ideas on health care reform -- whether your current coverage is working for you -- or whether you have a better solution in mind.

As a Senior Member of the Senate's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, one of the two committees in charge of drafting the upcoming health care reform bill, Senator Dodd wants to make sure that citizen voices are guiding the process.

Want to have a virtual seat at the health care table? Head over to the YouTube Senate Hub and use the Moderator gadget to offer up your thoughts or vote on others. Senator Dodd will return next week to respond to your top-rated suggestions.

Ramya Raghavan
YouTube News & Politics


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