Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RNC Chairman Steele Responds to YouTube Video; Offers to Fly Creator to DC

One of the most popular political videos of the past few months is a fascinating visual depiction of the President's Budget cuts, done by a user who calls himself, "Political Math". Using pennies to demonstrate how little President Obama is actually cutting from the federal budget, Political Math has racked up over 800K views with this gem:

Well, the RNC caught notice - Chairman Michael Steele has just invited his "fellow YouTuber" to come to Washington on his dime to share his common sense and receive a "grassroots logic" award from the GOP. The video is worth a watch... see more from Political Math on his blog, here.


Ben said...

Deft social media move, Steele. Doesn't happen often, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Anonymous said...

Now that is the Steele I was expecting to see! The man GETS IT! HEY, old school Republicans ... take notice, all good ideas do not hatch from your think tanks. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I saw this video months ago. Who ever did it is a genius. I give the Repubs credit for being first to get on the bandwagon. Maybe they can show this to some of THEIR big spenders.

So, Steele might actually be changing that place.

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Anonymous said...

I am not sure of what to make of Ben’s comment above, but the next two Anonymous comments are right on. I hope Michael Steele see them, and follows up.

Conservatives are going to need all the simple, direct, and cogent messaging possible to protect our country from the Liberals’ assault coming down on our health care system.

Anonymous said...

NOTHING will "fix" the economy until we get rid of the illegal Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steele, if you really want to take back the Republican party, the first step is to finally admit that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB.

The world knows it, many Americans know it... and it's time to finally face the facts.

By doing so, you can finally move away from the horrendous Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld crime family & get back to real politics.

Anonymous said...

Steele...WE the Tax Payers GET IT. Know who needs to see that video? EVERY $&#@^$%#! MEMBER OF CONGRESS...

Please see to that Sir...

Anonymous said...

Title 18 United States Code, Section 333

Mutilation of national bank obligations

Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites
or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft,
note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking
association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System,
with intent to render such bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence
of debt unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or
imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

Anonymous said...

Title 18 United States Code, Section 333
Mutilation of national bank obligations ie; Money is ILLEGAL.

Anonymous said...

We love you get a band of staunch,
smart conservatives together who KNOW how to rebut/refute Obama's every speech/town house meetings etc. and go after him immediately after showing the people the alternative to his terrible and underhanded policies. Use the town meetings and pay for time on TV right after his speeches... GO FOR IT. It is a great way to get to the people. Occasional appearances will not do it. Start now to bring an end to "one term Obama"....Republicans must speak up in unison, with better ideas appealing to the public.

Anonymous said...

This is another grassroots movement. Great job Mr. Steele and I look forward to a follow up on this. Look out Congress we are on to you!

Robert Mitchell said...

So we have the usual whack jobs who see a conspiracy behind ever bush and then we have those who don't get it because all they are worried about is some law about destroying money. Well what Mr. Steele and the gentleman who is explaining about how the budget is run are trying to do is get you and others to focus on what is important, because if you cannot focus on the important things then we are no better than those who are cramming this stuff down our throats. Give Mr. Steele credit where it is due and I do believe he is trying to do the right thing. Can't say that about the President and his pals.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Michael Steele what a joke

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steele,
Don't forget that when you were running for the Chairmanship, you stated you would close the state Republican primaries to independents and vermin Dumbocrats (my emphasis, not yours). Nothing else will matter if they continue to vote in our primaries giving us more moderates like McCain. Do the work please.
Sterling, VA

C Gardner said...

Finally, some LOGIC coming out of the Republican Chair. Michael Steele, you need to grow some kahunas and a backbone, stand up as a TRUE conservative, and find someone who can make Obama a one-termer, or you are not getting even one quarter of a penny from me for the RNC and it's funds.
And by the way, what is the census the RNC sent me? Are you kidding me? if anyone needs to ask if the stimulus money should have been passed you better step aside and let a real Conservative run this party.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steele, showing this utube was good but the people need to stand up together and change the face of congress the next time the elections for congress comes up. They all have a good thing going for them and don't want to leave, but a good boot would do it. We are a REPUBLIC -for the people, by the people. We need you to be a strong leader of conservatives, Mr. Steele. FMD

Anonymous said...

Chairman Steele, Rush Limbaugh still articulates real American values far better than Obama or any Republican I've heard. Find a presidential candidate that can speak (PERHAPS AN ACTOR) and let them learn from Rush and you will probably win the next election. They don't have to know anything. Obama is proving that. HH

Anonymous said...

Where are our Republican leaders? Can anyone stand up for common sense and speak up and out on these issues? All I hear is silence from the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Penny's from Heaven. You know when I ride my bike down the street that from looking out for cars or the pretty girls standing on the corner I seem to look down in the gutter as who wants to see some guy driving some foreign made car blasting obsenities like gangster rap. When I see a penny I stop and pick it up, and look up to heaven smile and say thank you Father for the Penny's from Heaven. Mr. Steele, I just looked up and thanked our Father for the penny's !

Jack said...

^ First off, the plural of "penny" is pennies. Not Penny's.

Secondly, someone driving a foreign car is SMART.
Toyota & Honda are FAR BETTER cars than any American piece of garbage.

Get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Steele, If the Republicans would just take the abortion, the gay & lesbian, planks and send it to the states and leave Nation things like limitations on special interests, relly saving Soc. Security from usage other than retired & disabled persons, cutting taxes, making Fed govern't smaller, leading states in redoing all the law books, elimination of old & bad laws and either dismantel IRS or make it a fair tax and stop making criminals out of citizens by their cheating, fearing or out right unlawful prosicutions. Common sense is lacking in the NRC. Any currant members of congress who won't go along and want business as usual then DON'T AID or FINANCE thier campaigns and help the newbees that will! People out here ar PISSED at ALL politicians except people like Ron Paul - Alan KEYES and people that talk REAL constitutional control. said...

Thank you Michael for reaching out to the voters through social media. We need to educate other Republicans on the strength of Social Media but how to use commonsense in developing public awareness of issues. The key is balancing the Republican Principles with American Popularity to connect with our Nation.

Anonymous said...

Michael, get off this black music, black culture, black food and so forth thing. The RNC needs to celebrate "Multicultural Contributions from all Cultures" under one roof America.

Our nation is becoming Nations of Cultures which is equivilant to the tribes in the Middle East.

The RNC needs to have one message for all within the USA. Not for each culture. The rule of law is for all, the consitution is for all, and an american is an american who happens to bring to America the culture of the country from which it came to enrich...not separate America.

The only coalition we should have is the Coalition of America...inclusive of all who happen to be of various decents.

Please heed what I am saying. It is very needed. The democrats are separating us by cultures into many nations of people. Think of the tribes of the Middle East and please Wake up on this one.

Your Democrat Friend who has voted Republican since Kennedy and since the 20% of radical elements within our nation began to inflitrate our local, state and national government, educationa and justice system since the 1960's.

Anonymous said...

Michael, we are not hearing anything from the Republicans on the grass roots level to respond piece by piece to the nonsense coming out of Congress or the White House. They are rushing things through, voting on things that they haven't read, forcing programs through that will change the course of our nation, corrupting our three branches of government with CZARS and the people are being lulled into a very dangerous state of economic stress which makes this cumbersome to absorb or research in its present form.

There is RNC media response.

Just a side note...Something significant happened this past week at an IMF Meeting. I looked at it on IMF site.

The US was giving its report. The speaker was very nervous, stumbling and you could see he didn't believe what he was saying. The one person on his right kept his head down the whole time and the person on his left kept deferring questions to the speaker who represented the US.
He was giving Obama retoric including Obama's medical plan.

Michael, we are in serious trouble and each time Obama says something it must be responded to and explained to the people immediately by a representative from the RNC.

Do you have such a person who can be that media person who will track what is going on and respond immediately...also be responsible for making short advertisements to run in prime time on all stations? Someone who is articulate and can explain all of this double talk to the people.

He/she will also have to use a road diagram which tells us where we started as a nation...what the milestones were that brought us to today and with a marker place each piece of the Obama Agenda on that roadmap and show them where they were before the election where they are now and where they are heading. This has to be updated each week and run on prime time advertising.

Lets say the road starts as a Free society....socialism.....communisim... to end in Totalitarianism.

To call people liberals doesn't mean anything anymore. To call them one knows what they are talking about; but to show the road on which we are traveling and doing updates each time something comes out of Congress or the White House and updating the road to totalitarianism is of great value and understandable by most people.

When doing that it is also important to bring attention to the people how each program will affect them in their home and community as well as where it takes us as a nation on that road.

The above is just a suggestion; but something has to be done on a regular basis on all stations with prime time advertising or info spots.

Obama has unlimited coverage and the people are going to be talked into this by virtue of continual coverage and no challenging response. Our people on the grass roots are very stressed, economically in crisis and barely keeping up. They don't have the presence of mind or time to do the research. IT IS COMING SO FAST AND VERY HARD TO UNDERSTAND BECAUSE OF ALL THE DOUBLE TALKE AND THINGS THAT ARE COVERED UP OR SLIPPED INTO THE BILLS THEY ARE PASSING.

Didn't we see something like this in other countries throughout history.

Michael, please consider something like this. We have very little time. Look at all that has happened in the past few months. It will take years to undo most of this stuff even if we started today.

God Bless and Protect You Michael....May he give you all the charisms, wisdom and strength to deal with this challenge of powers and principalities.

Your sister within the RCC. Remember always and refer to it frequently...that old Favorite RC Hymm...Be Not Afraid...I Go Before You Always....

Anonymous said...


The people need to know that when it comes to Health Care ACORN and the SEIU union have been at the core Obama's plan along with other affliated groups or sub groups.

One of these sub-groups was the Health Care United which was very busy prior to the last election in Virginia scaring the living daylights out of people with regard to health care.

Under the disguise of being a non partisan fact finding group for the Medical Professionals, it was a group supported and funded by the SEIU. It also solicited donations and registered people to vote Democratic Only on their site.

After a multitude of calls received to attend their meetings of disinformation for sure because the phone discussions were a lot of mis-information and after refusing to attend repeatedly I was forced to request that they do not call my number again.

They didn't honor that and the final time a strong arm gentleman called and went on to verbally insult and demean me and others who didn't participate in their forums or want to sign up on their webiste as if we had betrayed our profession.

Early on after the first call I was uneasy with the discussion so I proceeded to research and find out more about the group and its affliates. All roads lead to the SEIU Union and indirectly Acorn. As you know the SEIU Union has an international reach which also concerned me; but it wasn't until this week when I heard health care mentioned to the international community as part of a worldwide effort to control costs that the international element made sense.

So the bottom line is that the true intent and goal of the medical plan Obama is presenting is yet to be thoroughly explored in its totality. The players affiliated with this program have a history of conduct that has the potential of using medicine for purposes it was not intended to and to also seriously affect the deliverance of health care in the manner in which it should be delivered in America.

The AMA has every right to be very concerned and the verdict is out as to all the facts. We are hearing what Obama wants us to hear right now, I think there is a lot underneath all of this retoric that has to be explored and questions have to be answered. That includes affliations close to this program and its implementation.

What I have brought out, please confirm yourself. Don't take my word for it. If I am wrong that would be great. If my research is not...we need to put this plan on hold and find out more about the players in this and its true intent beyond the retoric.

While Obama says he is open to conversation and ideas...according to what I have researched...that means he will listen and then do what he pleases to get to the end he already envisioned for this plan.

Whatever concessions he makes will be inconsequential and he still will be on track to reach his goal. Whether that goal is good for America or not is the questions and how will this impact other affiliated medical programs and companies.

I guess the question that keeps running in my mind is...Why was the SEIU funding these so called fact finding groups. How much power will the SEIU have in the Health Care Program?
Will medical professionals be truly incharge of the profession and the administration of care?
If not...Who Will and What Will that Mean for the People of the US and what will it mean for our Nation?

This alone caused me to pause and should cause everyone pause as well as be very worrisome to the AMA and all medical professionals.

I trained under an Old Armed Services Nurse form WW11 who told us that we should always be prepared to defend and protect the best medicine can offer.(Paraphrased)

This is not the best and she would be the first voice out there to tell the people as it is and not play political and diplomatic games with the health of our nation for thirty pieces of silver.


Anonymous said...

Did everyone see what is going on in Washington today. They sent the Republicans home thinking that they had time to present their amendments to a spending bill which would include money appropriated to groups under investigation such as Acorn. Also an amendment that such groups as Acorn not do the census while under investigation for voter fraud in the last election.

After sending them home the Democrats (with audacity and not of "HOPE"; but "of bully tactics and abuse of power" ) took the vote and passed the bill with Republicans running back to Congress literally in their sneakers and night clothes.

These People in Office are a group of Thugs.They have no respect for the people's voice of decent and the right to present amendments on their behalf.(Which I do believe would have the majority of the populus support to do so)

We need to begin state by state to demand these out of control Congressmen/women to submit their resignations. We need to investigate each and every one of them, their ties to various groups and packages in the bills.

They pass bills that no one has read which is a violation of the public trust in their representative offices. They add things to bills that should not be in there such as they did in the appropriations bill for our troops last week in order to get the bill passed with their agenda in it.

This is deceitful at best,desperate and very manipulative to a degree of activity and volume that we have never seen before in this nation.

What is in it for these corrupt politicians? What is the tie they have to some of these programs monetarily or through power? Something is very very wrong.

They are far worse than the worst period in Mafia history because they are victimizing a whole nation for greed, power and agendas that will change the very fabric of the US Governance, the Consitution and the Rule of Law.

They are changing this nation into a nation we won't recognize as a Democratic and Free US. They are acting like a third world form of governance. Wake up America!

I would like to see the RNC have mass info spots regarding what happened today with an explaination of what the Republicans and others were trying to propose and why.

I would like them also to explain to the people how what was done today is an abomination to our process and disregards the voice of the rest of the nation who may not be in favor of the proposal as is. They have ignored the voice of a majority in this nation..who given the chance to understand what has been done, may be even more than a majority of citizens.

This totalitarian form of bully governance has to be exposed for what it is. It has no place in American Government. I would like to see a list of every Congressman who took part in the vote last evening made public for all to see along with other votes on bills that haven't been read and were not openly debated before being passed.

I would like to also see an investigation of every Congressman who voted and what their ties are to any of these groups listed as recipients of money in these bills and or the radical or corrupt groups in this nation whether or not they are under investigation that may be associated with them.

Wake up America! Can you imagine what these people will do to our Medical Programs. Can you imagine the power you will give them over life and death decisions that belong to only doctors and patients.

Wake Up America! It will take years to recouperate from what these people are doing to our nation and form of governance.

Totally fed up with the Democrats.

I am a another registered Democrat speaking out.

Anonymous said...

Did you know it's a crime to destroy american currency? Is the republican party now advocating the destruction of american currency? Ok, so lets take this example and compare it to the Bush spending and savings from the last 8 years. Can you please add more penneis to the pot, please disregard any removal, since no money was saved.

Anonymous said...

Terms limits for all of the people who represent the citizens is the only way to go at the State and Federal levels. That way, they can't stay in power long enough to become corrupt. I am hoping that the American people will become knowledgeable about what is happening and how all these pork barrel project add-ons get funded.

It is time for a change. the way..Michael Steele was/is only a ploy to try to make it appear that the Republic Party is serious about becoming diverse.

Anonymous said...

I am very concerned about the Safety of General Gerald Walpin who was the Inspector General Obama just fired.

He was in the process of investigations of corruption and mis appropriation of funds and was called "confused or non coherent" as the reason for the firing.

I don't think so....nice try Obama. And to the Government we are to intrust a Medical Program for our nation........God Forbid.

That man is on the ball and was very good at what he did for the American People. He went after corruption of both Republicans and Democrats.

At this time he was on to something within the Obama Administration. I think his safety is at risk. With desperate and corrupt people in Washington, I put nothing past the powers that be in DC these days to clean out the government of honest good people.

I am hoping someone who reads this is a retired General and will get their comrads to put a circle of safety around this man. Something is not right with what was done here by whomever and the action taken by Obama is inexcuseable. s.

If Joe Lieberman is around, he needs to stand up and be counted on behalf of Gerald Walpin and so does John Mc Cain.

So Michael you don't have to believe me. Have your researchers do some work on this and if you find the reports I have heard are true, please contact some of the Generals within the party to rise to this occasion and protect this man from any harm. I am very concerned and so should everyone be.

If I were General Walpin, I wouldn't eat food anywhere but home for a while and not go anywhere without a companion to watch my back and witness verbal exchanges.

Michael, maybe a daily news bulletin including things like this as well can be sent by the RNC to keep everyone abreast of daily occurances.

A note from someone who loves our Nation and its people particularly those who have served like General Walpin to keep our country honest.

Thank you General Walpin for your service to our Nation....

Anonymous said...

I do have to make a correction on my comments above. In two paragraphs I referred to Inspector General Walpin and General Walpin. I apologize.

Also just to clarify why I asked for "Generals" to step up and provide a circle of security around him and protect his integrity too. This I asked that particular group to do for the simple reason that they have defended our nation abroad and he has been protecting our nation from corrupt practices from within.

Again, Thank you Inspector General Walpin for your service.

Anonymous said...

Just a response to a previous comment where it was said that

" the way..Michael Steele was/is only a ploy to try to make it appear that the Republic Party is serious about becoming diverse."

No this is not a ploy. Michael is the real deal.

The RNC has always reached out to all cultures. It doesn't have the diversity it should because of the issues below...for the most part....

Let me just add this note...Diversity is going to be a challenge as you are apparently defining it.

You see...
Liberation Theology appeals to the emotions and instead of sewing seeds of love it gathers people under its wings by the bond of being victims and encouragement to blame and shame and entitlement instead of personal responsibility.

A sense of dependence on government and is a way of life at first until they find themselves working and living for use by the government someday with little freedom instead of the government representing and working for them.

I do believe you have underestimated the magnitude of this movement and that of the affliated radical groups. That is the primary cause of the "diversity problem" and had been methodically and intentionally planned that way with great amounts of deception and disinformation within various groups.

Michael was not put in place as a ploy for diversity.

He is there because he is America...just like the rest of us....who happens to have certain gifts and knowlege that will help lead the RNC at this point in time.

He understands more than most what is needed to keep our nation free and the value of a capitalistic economic structure vs a socialist structure. He understands the value of each and every life from conception to natural death. He understands the need to use Technology and to relate to others in simple terms.

So I think you can rest. There is no ploy or diversity issue here. What is needed now is to support him in all ways that you are able to and to work with him for America's sake to prepare for coming elections.

He gets it and can use the support of all within the RNC in whatever way possible for the sake of our nation.

So Michael...God Speed to you! We are very fortunate to have you and others within our ranks who by their strenght of conviction, values and knowlege are a light on a hill to many others and hope to all Americans of ll cultures....that "we will and shall overcome this tremendous idological crisis, bully tatics and corruptive governmental practices that our country is now experiencing."

Anonymous said...

It appears that people are beginning to see the real man behind the curtain. I stand back in speechless awe at the way people have blindly, willingly and eagerly lapped up the crap coming out of the Oval Office. What the current occupant of the White House doesn't grasp is that by distancing himself from ordinary Americans and playing the class warfare game, he has already made himself irrelevant. He and his Marxist policies are way behind the curve. People are carrying on without him, and it is the people and not the strange person in the White House who already are pulling this country out of an economic mess. When hell freezes over, the president will credit hardworking people for economic recovery. Right.

Anonymous said...

When is the GOP going to call for nationwide protest marches to stop Obama’s march toward turning our country in to a Socialist, Fascist or Communist state and the loss of our liberty?

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