Thursday, June 25, 2009

A View from Above

There's a new video up supposedly from yesterday, June 24th. It was shot by someone standing inside a tall building looking down at the street below, which is jammed with protesters, cars and motorcycles. The angle is from too high up to have a good handle on exactly what's going on, but it's clear that there's a great deal of panic. At around 01:44 you see a lots of people start running down the middle of the street as sirens blare loudly. It's not entirely clear who is chasing who, and it gets even more confusing starting at around 03:00 when people start climbing on top of cars and aggregating in the middle of what appears to be a six-lane roadway. At 03:30 a large mass of people - a mix of protesters and Basij - seem to be brawling with one another. People are trapped up against cars and other people as they aggressively fight with one another.

At 4:05 you see one fearless protester wearing green - the color of Mousavi's supporters - throw something at a group of Basij on motorcycles. Then another protester holding a long green sheet of cloth tries to run through a group of Basij and is beaten right there in the middle of the crosswalk.

The video continues for another five minutes. You can see police motorbikes being lit on fire, massive traffic jams piling up, and people re-gathering in the middle of a large intersection as they chant loudly.

While this video was just uploaded within the hour, we cannot verify when or where it was taken.


Anonymous said...

It is the last chance for Iranian to make demselv free of this fanatic 1400 years old monsters, and Islam.

Arash said...

From x- muslim: Down to Islam, Mohamad, and Ghooran

Arash said...

Kill Basiji, Pasdar (revolutionery guards), Mullas, Burns Mosks, Ghoorans, for the sake of your children.

LMP said...

Has anyone considered using satellite imagery of the weather compared to shots of the sky in these vids to determine a date/time?

Anonymous said...


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