Saturday, June 20, 2009

Students Shot In Front Of A Camera

This video was just posted a few minutes ago, showing a student in a Tehran get shot and fall to the ground. Other protesters run to help him, throwing up their arms in protest in what appears to be the direction of the shooter. It's not clear when this video was taken.


Anonymous said...

Change is always difficult. As a healer, I deal with this kind of destruction on personal levels with clients with brain cancer, emotional dis-ease, repressed anger. ALL OF THE DIS-EASE within all of us is surfacing both individually and collectively. It is extraordinarily difficult but absolutely necessary for the old patriarchal regimes to end, and the Goddess to rise once again. And one of the greatest Goddess Cultures on Earth is in Iran and she is demanding to be free within all of us because she is deep in the core of our feelings and our love. I send great prayer to the people of Iran. A US citizen

Anonymous said...

Hmmm,,, "this video has been removed by the user"
what does that mean?

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