Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Reinactment of Violence

Protests are being held around the world in support of the Iranian citizens opposing Ahmadinejad's government. Many Iranian-Americans live in the Los Angeles area, and lively demonstrations have been held there over the past week and a half. This video shows two brothers who were part of a protest outside the Federal building in Westwood, California. They decided to stage a mock death scene in which one brother pretends to be a casuality of the Iranian police forces, lying bloody on the sidewalk, and the other mourns his death.

They write in the video description: "Here me and my brother pose to let people identify with the pain people are sustaining in Iran at the hands of the government, police, and the basij."


Anonymous said...

iran basij, militia and government have become like demons killing helpless protesters w/o real arms to fight back & theyr killing them mercilessly lyk animals.
how brutal creatures they are without respect on human lives & to think that its their own people and their own brothers when all they wanted s to have re-election! simple as that!
but d ego & d evil pride of ayatollah is too quick to do decision w/o proper investigation. Allah is not happy at all!!!! killers dont go to paradise~

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