Thursday, June 19, 2008

McCain Cribs Exclusive: We like to roll in style

Whoever said John McCain wasn't in touch with young folks clearly hasn't seen the latest video from his campaign, "McCain Cribs Exclusive: The Straight-Talk Express." A play off of the wildly popular television show MTV Cribs, which offers guided journeys through the sprawling mansions of the rich and famous, this video tour of McCain's campaign bus gives voters a behind-the-scenes look at the Senator's pimped-out ride. Davis White, McCain's Director of Advance, explains the bus's role in the campaign, while pointing out the vehicle's flyest amenities -- including the 36" inch flat screen TV and 22" inch rims.

It's clear that Justin Germany, the McCain team's video guru, did his research when putting this one together. From the bass-heavy hip-hop beats used in the intro title sequence to the camera angles and video editing techniques, the "McCain Cribs Exclusive" has the same look-and-feel of the real MTV cribs episodes that feature the bed and baths of stars like 50 cent and Snoop Dogg.

"When we roll into town," White explains in the video, "we like to roll in style."


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