Friday, June 6, 2008

CitizenTube’s Friday Five

Obama makes history as the primaries end and the general election begins. Here’s this week’s Friday Five.

Barack Obama in St. Paul, MN (BarackObamaDotCom)

Obama’s speech on the night he becomes the Democratic Party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

Dear MR. President - Obama & McCain Must ReThink IT (AddiCassiFund)

A message to Obama and McCain from a mother with two young children suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Younger Than McCain - The Song! (youngerthanmcCain)

Music video making fun of John McCain’s…take a guess.

Diddy Talks about Obama (badboyrecords)

Hip-hop mogul talks about the historic impact of Obama becoming the presumptive Democratic Nominee.

Democrats vs. Obama (rnc)

New ad against Obama from the Republican National Committee.


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