Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Political Conversation, YouTube-Style

Hundreds, if not thousands, of political conversations are taking place on YouTube everyday, whether in the form of comments or video replies. Today we wanted to spotlight one of them: a passionate video exchange between YouTube users PoliticalOverload and Witzkeyman.

Here’s the background: After Obama announced his decision to decline public financing for his campaign, PoliticalOverload uploaded a video expressing his deep disappointment, and even his uncertainty as to whether he would continue to support Obama. Witzkeyman responded, criticizing PoliticalOverload for joining the anti-Obama bandwagon and holding Obama to too high a standard. What then followed, over the course of two subsequent videos, was a thoughtful debate over the question of practicality versus principle. Is it better to choose the lesser of two evils—or not to choose at all?


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