Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Suffering For Democratic Change

Hank and John Green, known by thousands from their popular YouTube channel TheVlogBrothers, are now entering the world of political fundraising. The two just launched a new YouTube channel, ObamasIdiots, aimed at raising money not only for the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, but for Democratic candidates across the country.

Sounds straightforward, right? But here’s the twist: the brothers are willing to subject themselves to various forms of punishment and humiliation in exchange for donations--and will post these punishments on YouTube.

Hank Green spoke with CitizenTube about the reasons behind their methods (and madness). “In general, I think we're asked to sacrifice far too little to be a member of the greatest country on Earth. I think people are willing to go through discomfort for the sake of their country, but our leaders are not willing to ask us to make the kind of sacrifices that would make our country stronger. So, in our little way, we're going to endure pain, discomfort and embarrassment in order to help foster positive changes in the United States.”


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