Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 21st century campaign - experts sound off

On Wednesday, Google and YouTube hosted an event with the National Journal at the Google Washington, D.C. office called, "The 21st Century Campaign." The event brought together journalists, campaigners managers, bloggers, commentators, and pop culture pros to talk about the role of technology in the 2008 election thus far.

There were 3 panels. The first one focused on the role of the media in covering the 21st century campaign. Moderated by Judy Woodruff, the panel featured Mark Halperin of's The Page, Katherine Ham of the DC Examiner, James Kotecki of's Kotecki TV, Kevin Madden, a Republican Strategist, and Phil Singer of the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

The second panel brought together - for the first time since the primary season ended - the Internet campaign directors of several presidential campaigns. Moderated by the National Journal's Ron Brownstein, the panel examined how each of these campaign directors is using the Internet to fundraise, organize, and communicate with the electorate. It featured
Joe Rospars of the Obama Campaign, Peter Daou of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Mindy Finn of the Mitt Romney Campaign, and Mark SoHoo of the McCain Campaign.

The final panel took a more lighthearted lens to the 21st century campaign: the role of pop culture in influencing and covering this election. Moderated by Tammy Haddad, the panel featured
Baratunde Thurston of The Onion, Ben Relles of Obama Girl, Author/Commentator Christopher Hitchens, and Liz Winstead, the creator of The Daily Show.

We also had the chance to interview several of these panelists for Citizentube - check out the playlist below.


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