Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Newest Political Ad from Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe on YouTube

Zimbabwean politics have been in extreme turmoil since March, when Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe's undisputed leader for nearly twenty years, garnered less votes in the national presidential election than opposition party leader Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe refused to concede the presidency, and violence broke out across the country as his loyalists targeted members of Tsvangiari's party, the Movement for Democratic Change, in an effort to maintain power.

Both parties agreed to a run-off election this Friday June 27, but Tsvangirai unexpectedly withdrew last week, in what some believe was a plea for international assistance and a move to protect his supporters who continue to be the victims of brutal violence and intimidation.

Les Observateurs, a citizen-media news service edited by journalists at France 24, posted Mugabe's latest television advertisement on their YouTube channel. Mugabe's commercial flashes images of President Bush, former and current British Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, and then a picture of Tsvangirai accompanied by the text: "Is this the president you want?" By all accounts, the chances that a fair election would have occurred on Friday had the MDC not pulled out were close to zero -- it was clear that Mugabe had no plans to heed the true outcome of a democratic process.

Find out more about the Movement for Democratic Change and the Zimbabwe Elections by checking out the MDC leader Arthur Mutambara's YouTube Channel.

This anonymous user in Zimbabwe, TEACHICKEN, has created a few videos explaining the situation from his perspective -- which is worth watching.


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