Monday, June 16, 2008

Obama, McCain Retool Internet Strategy

The Obama and McCain campaigns have recently retooled their Internet strategy, gearing up for a general election where much of the battle will be fought online.

Obama has been plagued with rumors and accusations throughout this election season. Which is why his campaign just launched "Fight the Smears," a site dedicated entirely to combating misinformation about him circulating over the Internet. Its aim is to squeeze the oxygen out of any smear before it takes on a life of its own, whether on sites like YouTube, political blogs or in the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, Team McCain has updated its campaign site, adding several slick features including a blog and a multimedia section that features many of McCain’s YouTube videos. Often criticized for not being as Internet savvy as Team Obama, McCain’s people are quickly adjusting their online efforts. Last week they even released a strategy video from campaign manager Rick Davis—a clear indication that they’re not ceding any ground when it comes to using the Internet during this closely watched election.


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