Monday, June 2, 2008

YouTube political star Steve Novick in the NYT

There's a great piece in today's NYT about Steve Novick, a candidate whose failed bid for the Democratic Senate nomination in Oregon used YouTube extensively. Novick's YouTube videos, like the one at the footer of this post, gained lots of attention on the web and built buzz around his under-financed campaign.

One quote from the article, from Novick's campaign manager, is false:

“We don’t know how many people who saw the ads were Oregon voters, as opposed to people in Norway,” Mr. Weigler said. “But the impact on YouTube was substantially larger than people seeing them on their TV screens, and that was something new.”

Fact is, using YouTube's Insight tool, you can find out who is watching your videos and from where. Citzentube did a quick check on Novick's videos, and we can tell you that a majority of the views did not come from Norway, but from Oregon...


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