Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kids Talk Politics

Move over Sixty Minutes, there’s a new kid on the block—literally. Kids Talk Politics is a new series on YouTube that features real kids, as opposed to child actors, who share their thoughts and opinions about the political issues of the day. From Hurricane Katrina to the American flag, from handling the Iraq War to Obama’s bowling prowess (or lack thereof)…no matter the topic, these kids have something to say. KTP’s most recent video (see below) spotlights Amy, a young girl who happily reads a letter she just received from President George W. Bush.

Some might argue whether it’s appropriate to solicit political opinions from those who may be too young to understand these issues, much less vote. But Ken Sheetz, one of the founders of KTP, told CitizenTube that their primary mission is to give kids a voice in their future. “This election is the most exciting of our lives and we are thrilled to be a part of the landscape giving people a fresh point of view…[And] let's face it: after 18 months of primaries, we need some fresh faces and perspectives besides the pundits.”


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