Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Moveon.org uses YouTube to drive funding for ad

Moveon.org is calling their new political ad, 'Not Alex', "the most effective ad we've ever put together." It features a young mother and her son and is aimed at Senator McCain's Iraq policy. And not only was the production of the spot paid for by money donated by Move On's membership... they're now putting the ad on YouTube to help raise money to get it on the airwaves.

Linking out from their YouTube video, Move On is driving traffic to their website where supporters can watch the video and donate money to get it on the air. This is a great way to use YouTube both to communicate a message (the video has 150K views already after only 1 day) but to also drive supporters towards an action. The other effect is of course to get earned media attention on the ad - if Move On plays their cards right they'll get great media mentions on the ad as well. All part of leveraging the 21st century media ecosystem to get your message out on a variety of platforms.

Here's the video:


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