Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Russians Investigating Flying Donkey Stunt

Police in Russia are investigating a group of entrepreneurs behind a marketing stunt in a beachside town involving a parasailing donkey. The businessmen were trying to attract attention to the resort of Golubitskaya, the BBC reports, and are likely to face criminal charges.

User name: MrChirok
Location: Golubitskaya, Russia
Date uploaded: July 12
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Anonymous said...

The people responsible for this outrageous cruelty to a helpless animal should be punished by having a parasail tied their testicles and forced to "fly" for an hour each. The good thing is I think that kind of punishment is perfectly legal in Russia.

bryn said...


Anonymous said...

Technically this video violates the YouTube TOS for animal abuse.

Anonymous said...

Thats animal abuse, poor donkey :(

Anonymous said...

I really hope that boat was for catching the donkey :( why would these aholes even do something like this? If they wanna see something that can't fly fly, then watch a human paraglide. Seriously. These people are probably too stupid to even worry about being arrested, wich they deserve for this heartless animal abuse. A perfect example of what the world has come to; other lives becoming our playthings.

Anonymous said...

Obviously those idots had nothing else better to do with there time, poor donkey. I hate people like that who have no common sense. I want to strap those Russians to the ground and fling each of there bodies into the air like that and see how they enjoy the ride! Too much vodka I guess!

The Flying Donkey said...

The link is broken, replace it with the Russia Today version plox, those hacks need all the help they can get

Anonymous said...

What's the matter with the people in Russia. Not one person on the beach tried to stop those fools.

How people treat their animals is a measure of their society. Not far from the cave man days.

What has happened to the donkey. Save him from his stupid owner.

Get him out of the country that condones such abuse

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