Sunday, July 18, 2010

Convict Loses in Oakland Freeway Shootout with Highway Patrol

California Highway Patrol officers ended a protracted shootout with a well-armed convicted felon around midnight on Interstate 580 in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, July 16.

A bomb squad had rushed to the scene in response to a "detonated object," according to the Contra Costa Times. Following the incident, a portion of I-580 continued to be closed today, said the paper.

In this video taken by residents, gunshots can be heard at the beginning, followed by the sighting of an officer's approach to the scene at the 7:50 mark:

User name: mannyblack
Location: Oakland, Calif.
Date uploaded: July 18
Views: 19,438
User notes: the homie and I were chillin' in the kitchen and we heard gunshots. then they just kept coming and we realized that it was something really going on up the street. so we head to the living room and we can see cop cars converging on the street. This video is about 5-7 minutes into the shootout, from the westside of the 400 block of Oakland Avenue. Audio is probably more descriptive than the actual video because our window faces the freeway but the trees and darkness blocked our view. plus we were NOT trying to get shot!
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