Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Human Rights Group Cites Child Labor on Philip Morris Farms

Human Rights Watch released a video today alleging that children as young as 10 years old are working on tobacco farms for Philip Morris in Kazakhstan. A Philip Morris spokesman tells the New York Times the cigarette maker is opposed to child labor and would work to stop the practice. This video includes an interview with a child who claims (at 4:20) she misses school and sleeps only four hours a day when working the fields.

User name: HumanRightsWatch
Location: Kazakhstan
Date uploaded: July 14
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Click here to watch this video on YouTube.


rafar said...

Hmm to think that I lived there and didnt know anything about it. Thanks for this info

TravisRomig said...

"employing under-age workers" shouldn't matter at all. That is just some group putting an age limit who cares? I put the under age limit at 50 so that means all my employers have employed many under-age workers. People under-age need to buy stuff too being food or a new toy. We should only have a problem with forced labor and forced monopolies.

TravisRomig said...

The reason I want to be again forced monopolies is because they can raise the prices so high you are working too hard just to survive. That will mean all the extra productivity is going to a small group of people. AKA forced labor but only if you want to eat.

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