Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Brown Beret to AZ Immigration Supporters' Rally: 'Go Back to Europe!'

A conservative cameraman captured a member of the Brown Berets, a Mexican American organization, shouting "Go Back To Europe" (at 3:10) at a rally to support Arizona's immigration regulations outside Angel's Anaheim Stadium. At 2:45, the cameraman tells the woman that she's like "the Latino version of the KKK."

The video, uploaded by Americans for Legal Immigration, is being discussed on blogs like the Huffington Post and on television.

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Location: Anaheim, Calif.
Date uploaded: July 18
Views: 32,180
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Anonymous said...

Does nobody stop and think that she's likely an actor, doing this to make Hispanics look bad?

Anonymous said...

She has the I.Q. of a chipmunk.

Anonymous said...

If she's trying, she's doing great! Let me go to Mexico and own some land, run some stores... wait... Almost fooled me

Anonymous said...

It's weird that it a law needs a law to enforce it. Illegal immigration is illegal. Let's do a little math here. A = A 100% of the time, when used in the same formula of course. There is no semi-legal immigration, no almost legal immigration, you either come to my country legally, or you can gtfo. It's pretty sad in my opinion that the government has forced states into making these laws. I don't expect to walk into a strangers house and eat his/her food, sleep in his/her bed, and watch his/her tv, simply ludicrous... Now, as to the people who say "IMMIGRATION BANS ARE RACIST" I have this to say, I don't care where you come from, do it the right way or go back home.

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