Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Deadly Typhoon Conson (Basyang) Ravages The Philippines

A typhoon Conson, also known as "Basyang," that began last night killed more than 20 people in the Philippines, according to the latest reports from The Associated Press.

Raw footage of towns in the throes of the storm, and later, the typhoon's aftermath, are beginning to appear on YouTube. Here is one which shows one person attempting to brave an intersection on a motorcycle in the strong winds and rain (beginning at 0:26):

User name:
Location: Taguig City, Philippines
Date uploaded: July 14
Views: 131
User notes: July, 2010. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (Essensa and Fifth Ave Place). This is the result of strong winds caused by typhoon "Basyang" passing between two tall buildings. The placement of these buildings deflects the wind towards the ground making it more unpleasant and violent. I think this is a common problem in the world of wind engineering ( I'm not sure tho). As you can see, people are scared to cross the intersection.
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User name: ahiyapete
Location: Philippines
Date uploaded: July 14
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User notes: Typhoon basyang uproots a 5 ft thick mango tree trunk that fell on an electrical post causing it to domino effect.
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