Friday, July 16, 2010

Climate Change Protestors Shut Down Massey Coal Mine

Protesters affiliated with Climate Ground Zero chained themselves to equipment at a coal mine owned by Massey Energy in Marfork, West Virginia. The activists, who say they're trying to call attention to the environmental damage caused by mountaintop mining, were reportedly arrested and charged with trespassing.

User name: ClimateGndZero
Location: Marfork, West Virginia
Date uploaded: July 15
Event date: July 14
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Anonymous said...

these people are pathetic losers with nothing more to do than interupt someone elses job wat say we go down there and protest them protesting my name is jimmy king i live on back street wats say one of you pieces of shit tree hugging faggots come and try this while i am around you will spend alot more time in jail than u want i also have a law suit against the 4 involved in this due to interupting me and getting in my business if i lose my job are you tree hugging queers gonna pay my bills and feed my kids get out of wv if u dont like wat we do turn your power out and leave!!! any questions call me my number is 946 5756 we will meet out and judy bonds is in charge of these guys why wont they arrest her for conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

why dont they just leave the miners alone they have been charged multiple times for aggresive attacks on the miners isnt this illegal them hurting our miner family?they are doing this for attention just like darrell hannah who still cant get a movie deal lol

Anonymous said...

these guys and girls are part of the westboro church cult the 2 in fron was seen in another video carrying god loves dead miners sign

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