Friday, July 9, 2010

Police Block Cameras from Oil Spill Zone

Despite repeated statements from BP executives that they have given no orders to block media access to the spill zone, some citizen reporters are still being ordered to stay away, as the video below appears to show. In this clip, a YouTube user is told by an Alabama State Trooper that cameras are not allowed in the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge, a federally protected beach that serves as a resting and feeding ground for migratory birds.

User name: hccreekkeeper
Location: Bon Secour National Wildlife Refgue, Alabama
Date uploaded: July 7
Views: 2,679
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Anonymous said...

I thank our creator this story wasn't more typical. "Old man with camera tazed for birdwatching" or "Russian spy caught monitoring government complicity in oil spill".

Anonymous said...

This video proves absolutely nothing. It doesn't show where it was taken, it at no point shows a police officer. For almost all of the video it is simply shooting of the side of a car. CitizenTube needs to protect its credibility better than this if it wants to be taken seriously.

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