Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dam Breaks, Millions of Gallons of Water Escape Arizona Lake

Part of a dam broke on Tempe Town Lake in Arizona on Tuesday night, allowing millions of gallons of water to escape the man-made lake and flow into a dry riverbed. City officials tell the Arizona Republic it will cost up to $400,000 to refill the lake. The video below was taken around 10:45 pm, about one hour after the accident, according to the user, mwcolman.

User name: mwcolman
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Date uploaded: July 20
Event date: July 20
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This is what the lake looks like today.

User name: srslyfkd
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Date uploaded: July 21
Event date: July 21
Views: 105
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Anonymous said...

Arizona wastes more water than any other state. It is ridiculous to allow residents to grow lawns in the dessert just so Real Estate developers can line their pockets. They have destroyed the natural ecology and don't deserve to refill or rebuild that dam. There is a world wide water shortage, wasting it in this way is unconscionable. I have no sympathy, cactus is beautiful too.

kenny said...

It's ridiculous to lump all of Arizona together with a single ignorant generalization. Pima County (where Tucson is located) does an excellent job of educating on water usage. But, Anonymous, you don't know enough about Arizona to offer an opinion.

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