Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SC Gubernatorial Candidate Confesses to Ad Mistake

A South Carolina congressman running for governor has admitted one of his campaign commercials incorrectly states he is retired from the US Army. In this video, a YouTube user asks Gresham Barrett how he was able to retire after serving only four years in the military, between 1983-1987. Barrett says he did not have a chance to see the ad before it aired, and the error had been corrected. "I served in the military, but I did not retire," the Republican congressman said.

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In the original TV ad, which began running in May, Barrett walks alongside a man dressed as an Army drill sergeant who instructs Barrett to tell people he's a Citadel man, a Christian family man and an Army artillery captain. An on-screen graphic says "Gresham Barrett, U.S. Army (Ret.)"
The video can be found on the YouTube channel of barrettgov.

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