Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meeting Turns to Mayhem Over Proposed NY Mosque

A crowded meeting over a new proposed mosque on Staten Island, NY, became heated, then turned to chaos. A representative of a Muslim group, called the Muslim American Society, could barely get a word in over the speakers as members of the community grilled him on his political beliefs and personal history (8 min 09 sec). "Will you here and now denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as jihad terrorist organizations?" asked Robert Spencer, who was one of the most vocal members in the audience. Spencer is the founder of "Jihad Watch," according to one article by a reporter from CBS.

Tensions in the room also rose after one woman asked the representative from the Muslim American Society to state plainly whether he was against terrorism in the United States (8 min 38 sec.)

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Location: Staten Island, NY
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Event date: June 9
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James said...

interesting one man!!!


Anonymous said...

I am surprised more people did not show up

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