Monday, June 28, 2010

Police-G20-Protester Standoff Begins with Song, Ends in Chase

This clip begins quietly with a crowd of G20 protesters signing the Canada's national anthem to police in Toronto, where authorities pooled their efforts to control large-scale demonstrations surrounding the global economic summit this weekend. Soon into the song, however, in what looks like a sudden change of order at 1:08, the large team of police bolt forward, pushing over activists to the ground and chasing them down the street.

User name: TFPCVideoBlog
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date uploaded: June 27
Views: 198

An earlier clip which is said to be the original (thanks to modelmotion, a commenter below, for the tip!):

User name: mkmillard1982
Location: Toronto, Canada
Date uploaded: June 27
Views: 153,472
User notes: Peaceful G20 protest at Queen and Spadina. Full version:


modelmotion said...

Thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

modelmotion said...

This might be the original copy of the video:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help. Please revisit the post to see our update.

Dell said...

Dell Carver's : 3 posts since CBC The National's Sunday evening news on the G20 costs, use of police force and the what Harper is really up to.

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