Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Muslim Protesters Brand UK Soldiers 'Murderers' at Homecoming Parade

UK police formed a wall to separate unruly crowds at a homecoming parade in Barking, Essex. Central to the unrest was escalating tensions between troop supporters and protesters allied with the group "Muslims Against the Crusades" who were heckling the soldiers parading down the street, telling the troops to "go to hell," according to one report by The Daily Mail. The demonstrators were there to call for an end to UK occupations in Muslim countries.

Many demonstrators held signs -- often with the words "We are with the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan." This citizen captured footage of the protesters holding a sign held that reads "Return of the Butchers:"

User name: Number1London
Location: Barking, Essex
Date uploaded: June 15
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Jew,
I am sure that you have Hitler as your idol in your speech. It is disgrace to hear that people like you are free and not in jails where you in fact belong to. Muslim have no intention of ruling the world but for sure have right to defend themselves when they are attacked. Protest were against war that in fact is illegal and act of aggression.

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