Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gorilla Tries to Escape Zoo Enclosure

A YouTube user recorded a gorilla trying to escape from an exhibit at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro on Sunday. The video shows the animal using a stick to climb to the top of the glass wall. At 0:33, you can see the gorilla nearly pull itself over the wall with both hands.

Zoo officials tell News 14 Carolina a storm knocked down the tree limb and cut a wire to an electric fence, two things that let the gorilla get closer to escape.

User name: queenerica368
Location: Asheboro, North Carolina
Date uploaded: June 13
Event date: June 13
Views: 6,786
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Anonymous said...

Thats Scary!! Seriously they need to fix the fence.. Its too dangerous!.. These animals is capable of killing a man easily.

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