Tuesday, June 8, 2010

UPDATE: "Abducted" Iranian Scientist Says He's Safe

Yesterday, Iranian television broadcast a video that purportedly proving one of the country's nuclear scientists had been abducted by Saudi agents and taken to the US. In the video, which we posted here Monday, a man who identifies himself as Shahram Amiri speaks into a webcam, and as the BBC reports, claims he was drugged, tortured and forced to defect "with a laptop full of evidence about Iran's nuclear secrets."

Today, a new video from a man claiming to be Amiri was uploaded to YouTube. Speaking in Farsi, the man reportedly says he is safe and wants to continue living and studying in the US.

Jon Leyne, the BBC's Tehran correspondent, says: "It is a tale of two videos. A murky story, as might be expected when the Iranian and American secret services cross paths.
"Neither video is entirely convincing. The Iranian government version is poor quality, with the possibility that it has been manipulated. In the YouTube video, the man is looking beyond the camera, apparently reading a not very well written script.
"There ... seems to be an element, on both sides, of psychological warfare, not to mention propaganda, as each side plays up the quantity of inside information they have gleaned from inside each other's countries."

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