Monday, June 7, 2010

Protestors Criticize Ground Zero Mosque

An estimated 1,000 people gathered in Lower Manhattan on Sunday to protest a planned Islamic center and mosque that would be constructed two blocks from Ground Zero. Plans for the Cordoba House project were approved by a community board last month, and organizer say they plan to break ground later this year. YouTube users have uploaded footage from the weekend rally.

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: CulturistJohn
Video name: 9 11 Mosque Protest Video

User name: Probesford
Video name: Raw footage of rally at WTC

User name: patriotUSA2007
Video name: Mega Mosque Protest at Ground Zero

User name: pakayhall
Video name: SIOA Rally with Pamela Geller at Ground Zero


Anonymous said...

i really hope there is way we can stop this from happening business need to not sell them anything to build it with

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